Bonavita, Starbucks open coffee shops in Mexico

Starbucks, one of the world’s largest coffee companies, will open five new stores in Mexico in a bid to bolster the country’s economy, according to its Mexican unit.The chain will open the first of its new stores at a former coffee factory in Guadalajara, near Mexico City, where it will make coffee and sell productsRead More

What is whipped coffee?

When I was a kid, my mother would make whipped coffee and my father would make it for me.It was a great way to relax.I love coffee and I love making it, but I have never been a huge fan of tea, so I had to try to make it myself.When I finally did, IRead More

Why are the coffee tables in the UK so expensive?

It’s not the first time we’ve looked into the UK’s obsession with round tables, and one of the reasons is because the UK has a much higher number of round tables than the rest of the world.But the latest research shows that round tables are a bit more expensive in the country, with the averageRead More

Why the coffee table is becoming a modern art form

Coffee tables, also known as table tops, are used in many homes, restaurants, and businesses across the globe.But they’ve often felt like an odd, unstructured art form that’s largely ignored by the design community.Here’s why they’re important to so many.

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