‘A cat is a coffee mug’: Cat poop coffee mugs

In the world of coffee, a cat is the most beloved of all the coffee mug types.

They have a special place in the coffee culture, because cats make such a delicious and easy-to-make coffee, and they’re a favorite of coffee drinkers everywhere.

But there’s also some bad news about cat poop coffee: It’s not all that good for you.

Cat poop is a bacteria-infested, fungus-laden, animal poop that’s also found in the poop of humans.

It’s bad for your health.

It can cause digestive issues.

It causes diarrhea.

And it can cause a number of other health problems, such as kidney and liver damage.

So, if you do have a cat in your home, make sure you get tested before you buy a coffee.

If your cat is not in your household, your vet can prescribe a cat poop vaccine, which is usually available at your local health center.

What are the symptoms of a cat poo infection?

A cat poop infection can look like any other bacterial infection.

You might get a rash on your face or legs, or a sore throat or gash on your neck.

But when you have a poop infection, you may also notice: A sudden, severe itching or burning pain on your chest or back, especially in the back

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