A coffee table for the whole family?

The coffee table is everywhere these days, especially when it comes to decorating your home.

But does a coffee table really make a great dining table?

Do you really need one?

I think I have a strong opinion on the matter. 

So, what makes a good coffee table?

A good coffee maker is going to be used to brew your coffee, as it is not a coffee-sipping machine, so you’ll need a large pot to do the job.

A large pot, and good coffee brewing, is going in this coffee table.

This is going on a coffee cup, not a mug. 

The design of this coffee mug will depend on your budget.

If you’re looking for something with more practicality, I’d suggest a small, lightweight, sturdy mug that is easy to transport.

The one I am using is a 2.75″ one that I bought in 2010, and it still holds the mug in place with just one hand. 

Another consideration when purchasing a coffee mug is the coffee-making equipment.

If it is the right size and shape, and is designed to hold the coffee, you should be able to get away with a 3- or 4-cup size.

If a coffee pot is too small for your needs, you can opt for a larger mug.

It may be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Lastly, and most importantly, is the style. 

This coffee table has the perfect amount of storage space for a large amount of coffee.

There is enough room for an entire cup of coffee to sit, so this table is very versatile. 

A coffee table with a single seat will allow you to enjoy your coffee on your own.

You’ll get a nice view of the coffee beans while enjoying a cup of your favorite brew. 

While this coffee cup has a wide range of styles, I prefer the classic look.

It makes it easy to display your favorite coffee mug, or to have a more professional looking design on the coffee table that has a better view of your coffee beans. 

I also think this coffee can be a great gift for someone who wants a classic design.

It’s going to work well for those with small budgets, but can also be great for those who want something with a more modern look. 

Check out more great designs on the Craftsy website! 

Do you have a coffee maker you would like to share?

What would you make this coffee coffee table from?

What are some of your favorites coffee mug designs?

Leave your comments below!

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