Canadian coffee company offers free hot chocolate, coffee cups and other treats to its customers

A company in the Canadian coffee industry is offering free coffee munchies to its users.

The Coffee Bean, which operates in Vancouver, said on its website it would be happy to send free mugs of coffee to any customer.

Coffee Bean co-founder and CEO Chris Fennell said the company will be sending free coffee to customers who sign up to get the service, including coffee shops and coffee cafes.

He said the service is part of a larger initiative to help coffee shop owners increase their customer base.

“We are always looking to do more for the community, and we are happy to help them out,” Fennel said.

“The more they become customers, the more likely we are to grow that brand.”

Coffees are a staple of many households and Fennells co-founders coffee bean coffee is part the menu.

“Our coffee has a lot of health benefits and we want to make sure we do the right thing for our customers,” he said.

Fennell added that the service will be available to any coffee shop in Canada.

He also said the free coffee will be delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

The service is in the midst of a pilot program.

Fennelli said he hopes the service works well.

“If you think about coffee in terms of the taste, it’s a very good coffee,” he told CBC News.

Finnell said he expects to roll out more free coffees and will expand the service to other Canadian cities.

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