How a clean coffee maker transformed the lives of thousands

The clean coffee makers were not just an invention of the 1950s.

They were invented by people living in rural India.

Today, there are hundreds of such small, hand-held devices scattered across India.

They are part of a burgeoning industry that has grown from simple devices that use heat and electricity to more complex ones that use chemicals and other materials.

India’s booming economy has meant that many people have been able to save money by cleaning their kitchens, bathrooms and other indoor spaces.

That means the clean-energy craze has gone global, and there are now more than 40,000 clean-tech companies operating in India.

These companies are selling a wide range of products, ranging from cleaning and air conditioning to cleaning products and energy-saving technologies.

A few of them are owned by American companies like Nestle and Coca-Cola.

The makers of some of these devices say they are not just for people in developing countries.

They say they can help people in the U.S. and other rich countries clean up their homes.

NPR’s Sharyl Attkisson and Laura Sydell spoke to one company, Roshan, which sells a simple device that helps people in India clean up after themselves and their pets.

We have to take care of our pets because we are not comfortable.

And when we take care, the pet is not uncomfortable.

And the pet has to be comfortable.

That’s how Roshaan cleans up.

The Roshans cleaning service is the latest innovation in a global clean-technology revolution.

It is based on a simple idea: a plastic cup that has been soaked in a special chemical solution that helps break down dirt and debris.

It also has a filter that makes it possible to collect the air inside the cup.

The company has sold over 100,000 devices in India alone.

The idea behind the cleaning cups came from a farmer named M.K. Krishnaswamy.

The man has been in the agriculture industry for the past 30 years.

He used to wash his tractor and his chickens before they were ready for the slaughter.

He cleaned their floors, too.

So, one day, he thought, why not do it for people who are not doing well in their household?

So he came up with the idea of creating a product that would help clean up the environment and provide a clean energy alternative to washing your clothes or washing your dishes.

“I think that there are a lot of people in our country who are very dependent on the economy,” Krishnasz said.

So he decided to create the clean cup.

And it is actually a simple and relatively cheap device that has a lot going for it.

It doesn’t require any fancy cleaning techniques, he said.

And, because it has a small amount of air inside it, it can be easily washed.

But it’s a lot more expensive than the disposable cups that are often used in countries like China and India.

What makes it work is the water inside.

And Krishnasd’s company, which is based in Mumbai, sells these disposable cups to about 200 households.

They all have their own water tanks that they use to clean the cups.

They also use the same product to clean their home and office.

The clean cups are not cheap.

A clean cup in India costs about $2,000.

And that is when Krishnasj is really interested in the technology.

He says he hopes the product will change lives for people.

He sees this as a way to reduce the amount of energy wasted in the world.

The problem is that we waste a lot, so this is a great way to make our lives cleaner.

NPR also spoke with a company called Green Micro, which offers a clean-up product called the Green Coffee Maker.

The Green Coffee maker is essentially a plastic, metal and glass coffee cup with a filter inside that cleans up any dust or dirt that is left on the coffee.

It has a built-in infrared camera that can capture images of the coffee and analyze them to detect the dirt that has accumulated on the cup and can then be cleaned up.

And you can also buy a small plastic bucket for the purpose, as well.

This company has had more than 1,000 customers in India so far.

And they are all using the same Green Coffee Makers in their homes, too, Krishnasbins said.

It works like this: When you open the Green Makers, the liquid inside the plastic cup turns into a liquid that you can use to wash your hands.

Then, the water comes out of the cup to wash the entire house, and you can put the cup back in the water to wash yourself and your pets.

This has all been done by Green Micro to provide people with a cleaner way to clean up.

Krishnan said the technology is simple.

It uses a single chemical that breaks down dirt, then it collects the water that is trapped in the plastic inside and it then removes any debris.

And because it

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