How India is going digital in its food revolution

It’s no surprise that the nation’s digital food revolution is being celebrated in the nation.

The country has become a major player in the global race to make the food movement more accessible to people with the right tools.

In fact, it is not only the food industry that is seeing a surge in adoption of technology in the last few years.

The number of people using smartphones in India is rising, with more than 20 per cent of the population now using a smartphone or tablet, according to a recent survey conducted by eFoodIndia.

In 2016, this number was 15.7 per cent.

The growth is largely due to the country’s rising number of mobile phones, which are being used in tandem with smart appliances.

There are several reasons why India is in the middle of the food revolution.

It has a rich history of using technology and food to improve the quality of life for people, said Pramod Tiwari, managing director of eFood India.

The food revolution started with a farmer’s cooperative movement in the 1980s.

It was a precursor to the modern-day “citizen food” movement.

The farmer’s group formed a federation called the Agricultural Cooperative Union (ACU) and started using the Internet to help them produce their crops.

In the 1990s, the ACU was also the driving force behind the creation of the National Food Security Program, a government-run food security program for rural households.

In 2005, the government launched the National Rural Employment Guarantee Program (NREGP), a pilot program that helped rural households pay for their basic needs through cash, food stamps and other cash assistance.

The program has been expanded to cover nearly 20 million people, including the poorest and most marginalised people.

The National Food Initiative is an initiative to create awareness and create jobs through technology, as well as create awareness about the importance of nutrition in improving the lives of farmers.

In 2015, the National Agricultural Research Centre of India (NAIRCI) began a pilot project to create an app for farmers to track their food intake, produce, transport and consumption, in an effort to reduce the cost of food for them.

The Food and Agriculture Ministry launched a digital platform for the farmers of the country in 2015, which was launched on the mobile platform of a mobile app called FARM, the Food Security Project for India.

The app was launched by the ministry in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Research and Marketing (DAMR) and the National Farmers’ Union of India.

It is a good indicator that the digital revolution is taking off across the country.

“The digital revolution has enabled more people to access the benefits of a healthy diet and also make use of technology to improve their lives,” said Raghuram Jain, a former member of the Parliament of the United Progressive Alliance.

India is a big player in developing the use of smartphones and tablets.

“We have the most efficient government and also the largest population,” said Tiwary, the managing director.

In some ways, India has become more digital than other countries like China, where the average smartphone usage is more than two hours per day, and in the United States, where it is closer to one.

The latest data released by eTrends shows that the average monthly smartphone usage in India was 4.4 hours in March 2016, while the average daily usage was 5.7 hours.

For the year to March 2016 , the average average monthly usage in the country was 13.7.

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