How Starbucks’ coffee subscription plan is getting people to pay for coffee

A new Starbucks subscription plan offers customers the chance to get coffee for free, and it’s making it easier for them to do so.

Starting Monday, customers can sign up for Starbucks’ “Coffee for Life” program, which is available to customers over the age of 50 and provides up to $100 in savings for a year.

The program is only available for new Starbucks locations and is available only in locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Starbucks, which was founded in Seattle in 1977, has more than 100,000 stores worldwide.

The company also announced Monday that it is partnering with online-commerce platform Shopify, which will offer coffee subscriptions to customers who buy through the company’s website and Shopify mobile app.

Customers can order the free subscription for $19.99 for three months.

After that, the subscription costs $59.99 per month.

For a year, the company will offer $100 per month for a full year of the service.

Starbuck will also offer a Starbucks Card for $9.99 that will give customers the ability to pay Starbucks for purchases made through Shopify.

The card also allows customers to pay a small fee for online purchases through, which includes purchases made via mobile and desktop apps.

The new Starbucks coffee subscription offers a free Starbucks subscription.

Here, Starbucks employees hold up a sign during a press conference at the company headquarters in Seattle, Washington, U.K., May 27, 2021.

More than 70 million Starbucks customers have signed up for the coffee subscription, Starbucks said in a statement.

The program is a “first-of-its-kind way to reward our loyal customers who have proven their commitment to their coffee journey,” Starbucks said.

The company will also give away a Starbucks card to those customers who sign up to receive free coffee.

Starboard, a consumer news website, said the coffee plan is designed to give consumers the option to get Starbucks coffee for a fee, but customers will also be able to buy the service through their credit cards.

It said customers will have to be eligible for a Starbucks account to sign up.

“We think it’s a great way to show Starbucks that the subscription program is still a viable option for some customers and a great opportunity for them,” said Brian Johnson, senior vice president and global head of product at Starboard.

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