How to make the perfect cup of coffee: How to take a shot at perfection

Claire, a mother of four who works in the kitchen, started baking with an old-fashioned biscuit tin and is currently a fan of the now-legendary French press.

Claire started her baking hobby in the late ’90s when her parents sold their home and relocated to the Canadian city of Hamilton.

It was a way to give Claire a home to call her own and get away from her mother and siblings.

“I loved my parents.

I was a huge fan of my parents,” she said.

So when her mother passed away, Claire moved in with her grandparents and sister to help out with the cooking.

She began baking cakes for the family every weekend and would also bake for her mother, who would often send her cookies for the first time.

While Claire’s baking style has changed over the years, her passion for coffee remains the same.

According to Claire, coffee is her passion.

As Claire prepares her coffee, she’s careful to not overdo the caffeine.

“[It’s] a great way to keep yourself alert and awake,” she says.

After a long day at work, Claire says she can’t wait to go home and make her own coffee.

With the help of her husband and his friends, Claire plans on launching a cafe that will serve coffee and baked goods.

Coffee is also a major part of Claire’s lifestyle, with her husband being a huge coffee aficionado and the couple also enjoying coffee together.

“We have a big coffee habit, we have a large coffee shop,” Claire said.

“It’s just something that we love doing.”

I do the espresso, I love the freshness, and I love my family, so it just makes it even more special,” she added.

When asked if she would consider making a full-time career in the coffee industry, Claire replied, “Absolutely, I’m doing this full time.

“I’ve been baking for the last 15 years.

I’m not doing it to make money, I just do it because it’s what I love doing.”

Clare also hopes to someday open her own bakery in Canada.

In the meantime, Claire enjoys baking cakes and cookies in the comfort of her own home, and she’s looking forward to the day she can make her dreams come true.

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