I want to buy a Starbucks coffee break

Starbucks coffee is on the move.

The coffee giant has announced plans to expand its coffee empire into the UK, adding more than 200 stores to its UK empire, including a new location in the London borough of Camden.

The new coffee shop, which will be located in the historic Old Street Market, will be the first Starbucks in the UK to offer a “special blend” of coffee, according to a statement.

The Starbucks coffee in the new location will be sourced from “world-class roasters” and the shop will feature “brilliant roasting equipment” and be “the first Starbucks to offer premium espresso,” the company said.

It will also offer a variety of other beverages and offer a wide range of coffee flavours, including roasted coffee with caramel flavours, roasted coffee beans and fresh-brewed coffee.

The new Starbucks in Camden will be part of the “London Coffee Town” which is the first of its kind in the country.

New York-based Starbucks, which is based in London, opened its first store in the city in January 2018.

Starbucks announced plans for expansion in the US in March 2019, with the launch of a brand new store in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We have seen great growth in the United States,” said Starbucks COO, Brian Schulman.

While Starbucks currently operates in only four US states and Washington, DC, it plans to open a store in Washington, D.C. by 2020.

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