Why the coffee table is becoming a modern art form

Coffee tables, also known as table tops, are used in many homes, restaurants, and businesses across the globe.But they’ve often felt like an odd, unstructured art form that’s largely ignored by the design community.Here’s why they’re important to so many.

How to make Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee on a budget

It’s a common misconception that you can make your own coffee at home.The truth is, you can.For one, you have to buy a specialty filter coffee maker from Dunkin.But, there are also many home-brewing options, including those you can find online.This Dunkin coffee tree is one of them.The tree was built by the owners ofRead More

Which Android tablet is best for reading, watching, and playing videos?

Cuisinart has just announced its new Caffe-a-Cola, the latest of a new series of tablets to feature an Android-based processor, and a smartwatch-like touchscreen display.The Cuisinarts new Caffè Cola 4 is available now for $129.99.We’ve tested the tablet to see how well it does on the same tests we’ve seen for previous models.Read next: We’reRead More

All About Ground Coffee, the Best Coffee on Earth

The best ground coffee in the world is ground coffee.It’s made by a single roaster that’s only allowed to brew one cup of coffee per day.But if you want a cup of ground coffee with every meal, there’s a good chance you can get it at a Starbucks or Trader Joe’s, or even a localRead More

How to get the perfect coffee table set for $5,000

Coffee table sets are an absolute steal at this price.This one is a good example of a good coffee table, but it’s not the only one.You can get a few more coffee table sets that are going to last you years.A good coffee set can add a whole lot of enjoyment to your life.So, whyRead More

What’s the best coffee in India? | The Daily Meal

Coffee is the cornerstone of many Indian households, and there are many kinds of coffees to choose from.But how do you choose from the variety available?To find out, we’ve rounded up our favourite coffee shops in India, along with the best coffees from coffee beans and their prices.Coffee is India’s largest export, and the countryRead More

How a clean coffee maker transformed the lives of thousands

The clean coffee makers were not just an invention of the 1950s.They were invented by people living in rural India.Today, there are hundreds of such small, hand-held devices scattered across India.They are part of a burgeoning industry that has grown from simple devices that use heat and electricity to more complex ones that use chemicalsRead More

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