How a clean coffee maker transformed the lives of thousands

The clean coffee makers were not just an invention of the 1950s.They were invented by people living in rural India.Today, there are hundreds of such small, hand-held devices scattered across India.They are part of a burgeoning industry that has grown from simple devices that use heat and electricity to more complex ones that use chemicalsRead More

Which movie has the best shot at winning Best Picture?

In 2018, the most anticipated movie of the year was The Dark Tower, but this year there were a number of other potential nominees in the mix.In this week’s EW Movie Guide, we’ll look back at some of the films that could be considered “future” contenders.Read more

Why you should be worried about coffee bar cabinets

It’s been a while since we’ve had any real news about the coffee bar.We’ve been hearing about new coffee bar designs and the new technology that will make them possible, but we’ve been mostly left to our own devices with our coffee.We want to know how the new tech will affect the way we eatRead More

How to make espresso coffee in the coffee maker

It’s easy to make an espresso coffee from a box of coffee beans, but it’s more difficult to do that from a cup of coffee.That’s because the cup of espresso you’ll be using doesn’t have a built-in cup holder.But you can buy an inexpensive coffee maker with one, and you can use it to makeRead More

Which coffee beans are the best in Brazil?

Brazil is no stranger to the bean wars.Last year, coffee giant Starbucks launched a campaign aimed at driving down the cost of beans in Brazil, but the result was a disastrous response.Coffee drinkers complained about the taste of the beans and the fact that they could barely get a cup of the good stuff withoutRead More

How to get your coffee in the cup

What is a coffee cup?What are the advantages and disadvantages?Coffee cups are small plastic cups that are often used for drinking tea or coffee.You pour the coffee into the cup and place it into the bowl with the lid on top.This creates a seal, which means it is difficult to remove it when you needRead More

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