Starbucks coffee gift cards are going viral on Instagram

Coffee gift cards have become an Instagram trend after the popular chain announced they would be launching an online gift card service later this year.

Starbucks is the first coffee chain to offer an online card that lets customers use their loyalty points to buy Starbucks gift cards, with a price tag of just $9.99.

The service will be available in stores starting March 30, but the card will also be available on for $5.99 in-store.

The new Starbucks card is a one-time payment of $99 and comes with a $10 Starbucks gift card, which can be used to buy coffee at Starbucks stores.

The card is compatible with all Starbucks stores, but will only be available to Starbucks customers who have signed up for a Starbucks loyalty program.

Starbucks card image source Starbucks giftcards are now a social media phenomenon, with Instagram and Facebook users sharing pictures of their Starbucks giftcard purchases, along with the caption “Starbucks gift cards now become a trend”.

“It’s been a blast seeing the reaction to this card and how it’s becoming a popular thing,” said one user.

The coffee chain says it’s targeting a large audience with the new card, and the online card will only cost $9 for a limited time.

“This card is designed for people who are excited about the Starbucks experience, and who want to make a gift to Starbucks for themselves,” Starbucks said in a statement.

Starbuck’s new card has attracted more than 20 million Instagram followers, which has generated more than one million comments and shares.”

Starbucks will offer a card to customers who sign up for the Starbucks loyalty and we will also continue to expand the service to other locations around the world.”

Starbuck’s new card has attracted more than 20 million Instagram followers, which has generated more than one million comments and shares.

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