How to sell coffee beans online: How to market to consumers

The coffee trade is in a bubble.In the last decade, the average coffee shop has sold around 80 million kilograms of beans, or about 7,600,000 pounds, a figure that is expected to reach more than 100 million pounds by 2021.The industry has been buoyed by an array of consumer-friendly initiatives, including the introduction of coffeeRead More

What’s the best coffee in India? | The Daily Meal

Coffee is the cornerstone of many Indian households, and there are many kinds of coffees to choose from.But how do you choose from the variety available?To find out, we’ve rounded up our favourite coffee shops in India, along with the best coffees from coffee beans and their prices.Coffee is India’s largest export, and the countryRead More

Starbucks to pay $1.9 million to settle lawsuit over caffeine lawsuit

Starbucks will pay $2.5 million to a California coffee shop that sued the company over its use of caffeine.The coffee chain said Monday it would pay the $1 million to resolve the case after the California Supreme Court denied its request for a preliminary injunction, CBS News correspondent Ed Bradley reports.The Starbucks statement came afterRead More

How a clean coffee maker transformed the lives of thousands

The clean coffee makers were not just an invention of the 1950s.They were invented by people living in rural India.Today, there are hundreds of such small, hand-held devices scattered across India.They are part of a burgeoning industry that has grown from simple devices that use heat and electricity to more complex ones that use chemicalsRead More

Coffee puns: Coffee shops, jura coffee makers

Coffee shops are everywhere in the U.S. The term coffee shop can refer to any cafe or coffee shop, but often refers to coffee makers or espresso makers.The jura is a term used for a special kind of coffee.The coffee jura can be a special latte, a milk jura, a cup coffee or a dripRead More

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