What if there were a Starbucks, but you could order coffee from the back?

What if Starbucks had a café inside a coffee shop?

The idea might be unthinkable, but there is an app called “Mirrored Coffee Table” that allows you to order from a coffee table and order coffee using the back of your mug. 

If you are a fan of coffee, and want to create a Starbucks-like experience inside a Starbucks without the hassle of finding a table, then this is definitely for you. 

The app lets you order from the coffee table of your choice, which can be the coffee you want to drink, a beverage you would like to have in your cup, or a combination of coffee and beverage you might like to take.

The coffee table is displayed in real time, so you can see the brew date and the amount of time it will take for your drink to reach your mouth.

The app has the potential to bring a whole new dimension to the coffee-drinking experience.

The app is free to download and uses a simple interface.

You can choose from three coffee molds, and they all have the same features.

You just have to choose the coffee mug to use.

The menu is simple, with no distractions, and there is no need to browse through your menu to choose which coffee mug you like best. 

What’s the downside of Mirrored Coffee Table? 

Mirrored coffee tables have become a trend among coffee drinkers.

The new feature has made it easier for customers to order coffee online, but it also has the drawback of creating a new type of coffee-serving experience. 

You need to be at least 30 cm (12 inches) tall to use the mirroring feature.

If you want your customers to sit in front of you while you drink your coffee, the table will have to be tall enough for you to reach them with your body weight.

You cannot drink from the table with the mug, because it is too heavy. 

Why use the Mirrored coffee table? 

If the mirror-view feature is something you use often, then you probably already use it a lot.

But Mirrored has become a new way to make coffee.

It makes it easier to order and drink your drinks, and it provides a unique coffee-making experience.

Mirroring coffee can make your drinks taste better than normal, since the coffee is made with natural ingredients that are naturally found in your mug, instead of using artificial ingredients like coffee paste and cream. 

Should you use the mirrored coffee table to drink? 

You can use Mirrored if you are trying to create an alternative to the traditional method of drinking coffee.

The Mirrored design is similar to that of a regular coffee table.

You will have the option to place your mug in front, and you can view the brew dates and the time it takes for your drinks to reach the cup.

However, you cannot drink your drink from a mirror table, because you would have to stand in front and hold the coffee up with your hands, which is a bit uncomfortable. 

How to use Mirroring Coffee Table app: You must order from Mirrored on the app’s website, but the app is also available on its website for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The mirror-table menu lets you choose between three mugs and you also have the ability to customize your coffee.

For instance, you can customize the shape of the mug to have a “regular” shape or a “shaded” shape. 

When you tap on the mirror, the app automatically changes to a new page that shows the brew information, time and date.

The image on the top-right side of the screen shows you a map of the coffee.

You may tap on any spot on the map to add a new coffee. 

Can you use Mirror, Mirror, or Mirror to drink coffee? 

There are no restrictions when using Mirror, mirror, or mirror to drink.

But, if you want something more personalized, you may need to change your order. 

Mirror is available for both Android and iOS devices, and Mirror is currently available in English only. 

Will Mirror, Mir, and mirror be available in every country in the world? 

Yes, Mirror and mirror are available in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan. 

Is Mirror available in countries outside the US? 


Mirror is only available in certain countries, and some countries have restrictions on the usage of Mirror, such as China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. 

Are Mirror, Mir, and Mir available on Android? 

This is currently only available on the Google Play store, and only for the US and US-based devices.

Mirror,Mir,Mir is available in China, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Turkey. 

For the US only, Mirror is available only on the Apple App Store.

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