What is a Jura coffee shop?

Coffee shops are a common sight around Brisbane, and there’s plenty of them around Brisbane too.

But they’re also a bit of a novelty, and the stok Coffee & Tea Machine is different.

Owner John Stok, who started the business in 2014, has set out to make it a fixture in Brisbane, offering customers a new and different kind of coffee experience.

“It’s something that’s never been done in Brisbane before,” he said.

“And I think it’s something people have never really been exposed to before.”

The stok, which has two coffee machines, has been opened in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, with a sign reading: “Stok Coffee” across the door.

“The stoker machine is about as close to a normal cafe as you can get,” Mr Stok said.

But you can have a go yourself.

Mr Stok also has a range of coffee, tea and food items, and offers coffee samples for purchase.

He said he was looking for a coffee machine that would be able to do the same job.

“We need a machine that’s just perfect for the people who come in, so that’s where we are,” he explained.

“There’s so many machines out there now, but we’re trying to get one that’s really good, and has a lot of features.”

The coffee machine can also be used for espresso and other beverages.

It’s a new addition to the city, with many coffee shops closing due to competition.

“People don’t want to spend their money on coffee and so they’re going to go out and get a cup of joe,” Mr Fusaro said.

“We’re trying really hard to make that happen.”

Stok coffee shop in Brisbane’s west corner.

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