What you need to know about the new Sobro coffee maker

As a cafe owner in the city of Sobro, Italy, you have a number of options for brewing your own coffee.

However, you will not find a Sobro Coffee Maker in the store and even if you did, you might not have the cash to buy one.

That is the case with the new coffee maker from Espresso Barista, an Italian brand.

The Espresso barista is not the first Italian company to have launched a coffee maker.

The company is also the owner of the Espresso Machine Cafe, which is located in a cafe in the town of Sant’Anna, near Rome.

The espresso machine cafe was founded in 2010, and it now has a full range of coffee machines.

The Espresso machine cafe is owned by the company’s founder, Francesco De Angelis.

De Angelas’ family is a well-known businessman and the espresso machine Cafe is the company he started.

“The EspoBarista has a good product, and we hope to continue to develop our brand and products.

The coffee is excellent, and I am very happy with it,” said De Angeles.

“This will be my first coffee machine cafe and I have always wanted to open one.

The owners are all very friendly and helpful, and the customers are very happy,” he added.

The coffee machine café is located on the third floor of the barista shop and it sells coffee for between €2.60 to €2,50 a cup.

The machine cafe also has a range of accessories, including a stand for the coffee machine and a range for espresso machines.

There are about 1,600 Espresso machines in Italy, according to the company.

They have about 700 in the country as of November, and around 200 in Italy itself.

The company sells the EspoBars in Italy through its website, as well as through several online stores.

In the country, EspressoBarista is the second most popular coffee maker brand in Italy.

The brand’s product is the same as in Italy: it has the best espresso machine coffee in the world.

The barista machine cafe, on the other hand, has a few differences.

The main difference is that the baristas are not the ones who make the coffee, but they also have a full barista line.

The espresso machine barista has to brew the coffee at home.

The two espresso machine cafes are not compatible with each other, and there is a possibility that one could disappear or be replaced.

Espressobarista says that if you buy the coffee and the baristess are not in contact with eachother, the cafe could disappear.

There is no sign of this happening yet.

But if the EspaBarista coffee machine coffee is a success, the company is expecting another Espresso Coffee Barista in Italy soon.

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