When Emma Chambers decided to make a cup of coffee on the go, she knew she wanted to use the right kind of coffee for her recipe

By Emma ChambersEmma Chambers decided that the perfect cup of joe would be one that was brewed at home and would not need to be reheated.

The 25-year-old from Nottinghamshire took inspiration from the likes of the Starbucks coffee machine and decided to take the time to brew her own coffee.

Emma was inspired to make her own  coffee when her mum told her that a cup was always better than one that had been left in the cupboard.

She started experimenting with different recipes to find the one that would work best for her.

The result?

A delicious cup of coffeecake that is perfect for any occasion.

Read moreEmma says that she has found that she likes to make it in the morning and has never been tempted to reheat her coffee before the first cup.

“I love making it for the first time in the evening and it always tastes so good when I make it a little bit earlier than I normally do,” she says.

“The best part is that you don’t have to reheate it, it’s perfectly hot.”

I really love it when it’s really hot, so I have tried all kinds of recipes that call for boiling water and boiling water alone, but none of them work.

I like the idea of making a coffee that’s really good at a really good time of day.

“The secret to the perfect coffecake  Emma is a big coffee drinker, so she decided to go the extra mile and make her coppuccino with espresso.

It’s not the first recipe she has created, but she says she wanted it to be her own take on the classic cup of coffeecake.”

It’s a coffee cake with an espresso base and a whipped cream topping, so it’s more like a chocolate cake than a coffee-and-cream coffee cake.

“We have two different types of coffee: regular coffee and espresso,” she explains.

“I have a coffee from the UK and I like to brew regular coffee, but sometimes I get coffee from around the world.

The coffee from New Zealand is very good, but it has a really different taste to coffee from Italy.”

For the espresso, I used my own recipe of espresso that I found on the website of my local cafe.

It’s an Italian espresso that is slightly bitter, but I use a bit of sugar to make the coffee taste like espresso.

“That’s my coffee, so that’s what I like, but there are a lot of other recipes I love, like the coffee from Spain.

My favourite coffee is a coffee made from fresh coffee beans.

For me, coffee is my health and happiness.”

The best way to enjoy Emma’s recipe is to enjoy it in front of the fire Emmy’s coziness”There is nothing more romantic than a cup filled with delicious joe,” Emma says.

But she says that if you are lucky enough to be a guest of the guesthouse that she runs, you can also enjoy the cup in front.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the coffee in front: Emme’s favorite is to put it in a glass of iced coffee.

“That’s when the espresso really comes through,” she tells me.

“It’s so delicious, it really makes the whole day great.”

“I like to have a glass and sip it and it’s always been a favourite for me,” she adds.

“When I first started cooking I used to go to a restaurant to have my coffee and a little tea, but now I like having it in my own kitchen.”

Emma recommends that people who want to enjoy their coffee in the heat of the day should try the classic  black tea with iced water, as it’s a very tasty and relaxing way to sip it.

“The best thing is if you’re staying over for a while, and you’re not sure where you’re going to go for your cup of tea,” she advises.

“There are some cafes in the area that have iced tea, so you can try that and see what you like.”

If you do decide to have your own iced-water coffee, it should be hot and have a strong flavour.

“You might be thinking: ‘Why can’t I have my own coffee?’ “

Sometimes I make coffee at home but I do travel a lot,” she reveals.

“You might be thinking: ‘Why can’t I have my own coffee?’

I think the best way is to have it at home, in the hot summer sunshine.

And then, if you do travel, make it on the weekend.”

There are lots of cafes in different parts of the country where they offer a good cup of

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