Why are the coffee tables in the UK so expensive?

It’s not the first time we’ve looked into the UK’s obsession with round tables, and one of the reasons is because the UK has a much higher number of round tables than the rest of the world.

But the latest research shows that round tables are a bit more expensive in the country, with the average price of a round table in the north of England at £1,868 per square foot, according to the latest UK Government figures.

This is despite the fact that, compared to the rest, the UK ranks quite poorly in terms of the number of cafes that have round tables.

The data shows that of the 20 largest cities, only four have a roundtable.

There are six smaller cities with fewer than 50 round tables in each, while in Wales, there are just one.

There are also fewer round tables per capita than in the rest to help drive up the price, but the biggest factor behind this is that people tend to stay in the city centre.

The average round table cost £9.79 per square feet in Manchester and £14.21 in London.

The average roundtable in the south of England was £9 and £16 per square.

However, in London, the average roundtables cost £11.79 and £15.24 per square, respectively.

While the average cost of a coffee table is fairly affordable, the price per square inch is still very high, with a square foot of floor space in London costing £2,749, according a survey from the University of Manchester.

That’s almost twice the cost of the average coffee table in Birmingham, which costs just £1.30 per square meter.

In Manchester, the typical coffee table costs £1 per square metre, according the University.

The study also revealed that people are willing to pay more for a coffeetable if they can sit back and enjoy the view of the city.

The University of Cambridge’s David Haggerty said that, when you think about it, a coffee bar is just a place to hang out with your friends and eat some toast.

“A lot of people are going to be looking for a place with a view, but if they are comfortable, they can get a coffee and go and have a cup of tea,” he said.

“A lot people just want a place that’s just sitting there with their feet up.”

This article was originally published on TechRadars UK, a news website covering the latest innovations and trends in technology.

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