Why NFL players don’t like the coffee percolators they’re using

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to boost a football player’s confidence, and it’s easy to see why.

The coffee is brewed by an innovative brew company, called Caffe Espresso, and a handful of NFL players have become the coffee guinea pigs.

Here are 10 players who are a little too enthusiastic about their drink.1.

Tom BradyTom Brady is a big coffee drinker, which is understandable.

He loves a cup with a little splash of cream, or just a splash of sugar or cinnamon.

That’s why Brady has an espresso machine in his home, along with a few other things that he might use as an alternative to a cup.2.

Aaron RodgersThe Green Bay Packers quarterback has been known to order an espresso with a splash or two of cream and sugar for his weekly workouts.

But he also orders it with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

He says it’s like a “powdered” coffee.

“That’s one of the things I love about espresso.

It’s like the perfect mix of sweetness and saltiness,” he told The Associated Press.

“When you get a cup like that, you’re going to taste it.

It has a very unique flavor, it’s just not something that you’d typically have.”3.

Michael VickMichael Vick is a coffee drinkor who loves to enjoy the cup with sugar or cream.

When asked about the difference between espresso and iced coffee, he said he prefers the creamier option.

“When you have that creaminess, it really adds to the flavor,” Vick said.

“It gives you a nice cup of espresso.”4.

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson is the kind of player who enjoys a cup full of coffee.

He’s a long-time NFL drinker and the guy who loves a cold cup of tea.

Johnson is also a fan of iced coffees, as long as they have a splash, not sugar or spices.5.

Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall is a drinker who likes to order his espresso with just a little extra salt.

He is also known for ordering a drink at the end of a game.

“I’ve done some games where I like to do a little espresso after, so it’s always the last one out, so I’ve been doing that, and then I’ve ordered it with the same cup and the same type of coffee,” Marshall said.6.

Jason CollinsJason Collins is one of those players who has a cup that’s always on the cusp of getting really hot.

He drinks it cold, and sometimes even with a touch of sugar.

He even has a special version that he’s made for a team meeting.7.

Matt RyanMatt Ryan is one who enjoys the caffeine that he and the Falcons are getting from their iced teas.

His preferred beverage is the iced espresso with cream and lime, which has a subtle flavor to it.8.

Drew BreesThe New Orleans Saints quarterback has a few special drinks.

He likes a cup where he gets a little bit of sugar, a little peppermint flavor and a splash.9.

Michael BennettMichael Bennett is a little different, and he prefers a little more of a splash and not a splash with a lot of cream.10.

Terrell OwensTerrell Owens is one the most enthusiastic of the drinkers.

He enjoys a coffee that’s made with cream, and that’s what he uses at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis each year.

He also likes iced iced drinks, which have a more creamy taste.

He drinks it straight from the machine, and said he also prefers a cup made with more sugar and spices.

“A little bit more sugar in the espresso is nice,” Owens said.

“But a lot more cream is a nice flavor, too.

You know, the creaminess that comes with it.”

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